About Heather

My name is Heather, but some people call me Dar. This stems from a college roommate and my middle name (really, it does make sense). I answer to either. 

food. Food. FOOD! What can I say about food? Okay, plenty...that's why I'm here. You know how they say that MUSIC is the universal language? Well okay, I agree with that...but I think that there are actually 2 universal languages...and the other is definitely FOOD! Food unites us...it lets us experience each others past, memories, emotions and cultures. It is communal and social and inviting! And there are those of us who dream of food...ponder it...research it...jump in and get dirty in it! We eat with our mouths, but also with our eyes (just look at that plate!), our ears (can you hear that sizzle when the cold food hits the hot pan), our noses (um yeah...scent alone can take me to another country, time or place) and even by touch (the sense of the dough under your kneading hands or feeling the seams in the meat telling you where to cut). Food excites me, so what!? It makes me happy...it brings instant gratification. Food that is prepared with all of your heart and soul is the most nourishing thing in the world!

I'd love to take a Culinary Tour of the world...bit by bit, morsel by morsel... connecting, learning, sharing, forming new friendships...and I dream of an extended stay in Italy (although I'd be honored to stay anywhere in the world and immerse myself in their life for a bit). 

I attended Michigan State University (Go Spartans!) for 3 years...nope, didn't graduate because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my life...but that doesn't mean I don't bleed green & white. Several years later when I finally realized that I need to be immersed in the whole of food 24/7, I went back and attended culinary school. I know that I can learn new things in the most unexpected of places and hope to never lose sight of that...must keep learnin'.

To contact me:
heather@girlichef .com

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