Sunday, July 21, 2013

Steak & Egg Bagel Sandwich w/ Kimchi {#SundaySupper: Breakfast for Dinner}

Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich w/ Kimchi {#SundaySupper: Breakfast for Dinner} |
First of all, who was it that decided to classify which foods you should eat in the morning, which foods you should eat in the evening, and every other time in between?  Who was it!?  Because I want to openly disagree that pancakes are not dinner food.  They totally are.  As are waffles, bacon, bagels, omelets...and occasionally cereal.  Just like pizza is occasionally breakfast food.  So there.

Of course, if those classifications weren't in place, people probably wouldn't get as excited when you told them that you were making breakfast for dinner.  They'd be all like - so?  Or maybe they'd get confused because they wouldn't know what in the world you were talking about, because there would be not set set dinner.

And now I'm confused.  You'll have to excuse me.  I have "conference brain".  As in, I can't thoroughly process anything else while my mind is contemplating what should earn space in my suitcase, or if they'll upgrade my seat to first-class on the second leg of my flight since all the seats are filled...yet I have a ticket. But you get my drift.  Right?  Please tell me you get my drift.  And then go eat some breakfast.  No matter what time it is!

Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich w/ Kimchi {#SundaySupper: Breakfast for Dinner} |
Okay, you don't need a recipe...but I'll tell you what I put on my Steak & Egg Bagel "Breakfast for Dinner" Sandwich:
  • onion bagel, split and toasted
  • small handful leftover flank steak
  • butter (to reheat the steak in)
  • kimchi, as much as you want
  • 1 egg, cooked omelet style, seasoned & folded
Layer and enjoy warm!
Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich w/ Kimchi {#SundaySupper: Breakfast for Dinner} |
Sunday Supper MovementThis week, Connie of The Foodie Army Wife is hosting our #SundaySupper theme, Breakfast for Dinner!  Personally, I love breakfast at dinnertime, and what I want to know is - who said pancakes are only for breakfast, anyway!?  Check it out, you're bound to find at least one tasty item to add to your breafkast for dinner menu tonight!

Breakfast for Dinner Menu:
Normally it would be very socially unacceptable to have wine with your breakfast, but seeing as this is closer to sunset than sunrise, we say go for it!!!
Are you a fan of Breakfast for Dinner?  I'd love to hear some of your favorite breakfast foods to eat in the evening.  Also, please join us for our live twitter chat tonight at 7pm (Eastern) using the #SundaySupper hashtag, and check out the Sunday Supper board on Pinterest.

IT'S HERE! I am currently in Orlando, Florida enjoying the first annual Food and Wine Conference sponsored by #SundaySupper!  I can't wait to tell you all about it when I get back!

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