Monday, August 23, 2010


Welcome to Volume 11 of the Two for Tuesdays Blog Hop Carnival!  
Hey everybody and welcome to another week of celebrating REAL food!  We are so excited by the fabulous turnout and everybody who has been linking up with Two for Tuesdays.  We are currently undergoing some changes.  Some exciting changes!  Keep your eyes out for a new name, catchphrase...and even a mission statement to come next week or shortly thereafter (this also means new badges!).  One that we hope will help define what we are doing here and hoping to accomplish a bit more clearly.  Due to everybody's busy schedules and some time constraints, we are also losing a couple of our beautiful, amazing hostesses.  :(  They will be missed!  Other than that, please continue to join us and link up  to share in the REAL food love...
Your Hosts:

*If you missed the Two for Tuesdays announcement and wonder what it's all about, just click on the badge below or HERE and it'll take you to the explanation page!!

*Things to double-check before linking up to the Two for Tuesdays blog hop carnival:

1. Does your post contain information, stories, recipes or ideas that pertain to REAL food.  If you're not sure, please check my explanation page...if you're still not sure, feel free to email any of the hosts for clarification.  We won't bite...unless you dangle food in front of us.

2.  Does your post contain a link somewhere in your post to Two for Tuesdays (any of the host sites will work).  You can either add one of the badges (my explanation page has some options, just click on the badge above...or the other hosts explanation pages) or use a written link.  It doesn't have to big, can make it this size if you so desire...just make sure it links back to Two for Tuesdays! 

3.  That's it, really...just wanted to re-iterate the necessity of posting about REAL food, since that what this carnival is all about AND the importance of linking back.  It's just courtesy, really...wouldn't be fair to the others who play nice!  If you don't have a post that fits this week, no can link up whenever you minimum amount of participation required.  And as much as I hate to say it...if your post doesn't contain these two little things, it'll probably be removed.

Add your REAL FOOD link at the bottom of this post and then leave a comment so I know you've joined in this week! And remember, your link will show up at all of the host sites for Two for Tuesdays! Thanks for making and eating REAL food and sharing it with us.


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