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Two for Tuesdays Blog Hop vol. 12

Okay, I know I teased with an upcoming change last week...but it's not quite ready yet.  I will tell you that we're shifting our focus from (exclusively) "REAL" food to something that resonates with us, as hosts a bit better.  We still believe in real food, but we don't want to alienate anybody.  We want the posts you link up to be about food that is "real" to you.  Something that is satisfying down to your very core...to your soul.  Food that nourishes your whole body, mind, heart, and soul!  Food made with love and intention and care...passion!  We still want stories, anecdotes, pictures, recipes...ones that mean something to you and those you love...those you cook for...those you break bread with.  The term REAL food is somewhat coveted by those who choose to eliminate white sugars from their diets (among other things)...and we don't want to say you can't link up if you bake a bread with white flour...or bake cookies with white sugar.  We want to be about listening to what our bodies tell us we need.  And goll-darnit, if your body needs a good ol' fashioned grilled cheese sandwich on white bread with American "cheese" that day...then you ought to honor that.  So, that's where we're headed.  Please don't feel that if your body wants and needs what are currently referred to as "real" foods that we don't want you to link up...because we sure do!  We want to know what nourishes each and every one of YOUR bodies...YOUR souls, as well.  So, are you cookin' the way grandma did...with foods she would recognize...and sitting down to savor and enjoy the fruits of your labor?  Well, we dig that.  But we are still staying away from processed/boxed/packaged foods...we want the love that you've created with your own two hands here! Watch for the new name & badges very soon!  Until then....

Welcome to Volume 12 of the Two for Tuesdays Blog Hop Carnival! 

Your Hosts:

*If you missed the Two for Tuesdays announcement and wonder what it's all about, just click on the badge below or HERE and it'll take you to the explanation page!!

*Things to double-check before linking up to the Two for Tuesdays blog hop carnival:

1. Does your post contain information, stories, recipes or ideas that pertain to SOUL SATISFYING food.  If you're not sure, please check my explanation page...if you're still not sure, feel free to email any of the hosts for clarification.  We won't bite...unless you dangle food in front of us.

2.  Does your post contain a link somewhere in your post to Two for Tuesdays (any of the host sites will work).  You can either add one of the badges (my explanation page has some options, just click on the badge above...or the other hosts explanation pages) or use a written link.  It doesn't have to big, heck...you can make it this size if you so desire...just make sure it links back to Two for Tuesdays! 

3.  That's it, really...just wanted to re-iterate the necessity of posting about HANDMADE food, since that what this carnival is all about AND the importance of linking back.  It's just courtesy, really...wouldn't be fair to the others who play nice!  If you don't have a post that fits this week, no worries...you can link up whenever you do...no minimum amount of participation required.  And as much as I hate to say it...if your post doesn't contain these two little things, it'll probably be removed.

Add your  link at the bottom of this post and then leave a comment so I know you've joined in this week! And remember, your link will show up at all 4 host sites for Two for Tuesdays! Thanks for making and eating REAL food and sharing it with us.


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